These statements manage the relationships between the Service (PromoteMy.App) and the Developer. If any Developer of application wants to use our service tools in own purposes he can do it with no limitations. This Service will be useful for a range of aims, but its main goal is to help Developers in getting more installs and more reviews in the Play Store. It provides customers with such opportunity and helps them to save money but get the highest efficiency.

Notice: By buying our service you are agreeing with our terms. You agree that you have read all the rules, terms, and instruction of the Service usage.


The following rules hold all potential situations for average customer. So every user of PromoteMy.App website should accept them when he is on the website:

Please see the updated rules here before making a purchase.

We have every right to decline an order if we see that this won't work out for your app.

Developer Requirements

All the apps are managed by the developers. We won't have any access to any of the apps. All developers have all listed above rights without additional confirmation. Each product that Developer supplies to our Service doesn't break the law or TOS. TOS for the play store such as all apps are unique and doesn't violate copyright and proprietary rights. This is to ensure that we have no interruptions with out services. That all published apps and displayed content is legal, all mentioned above content has no virus or other harmful software inside and that the application satisfies the requirements of the following the TOS.

Keep In Mind

Our service is safe and guarantees the quality and safety of your app. We only send installs and reviews to your app and we have no access to it what-so-ever. We do not advertise, and our service do not click on ads. Please do not use this service to gain revenue from your ads or any other way as that is against the TOS. This service is only intended to increase your app rating in the play store. Our users are not required to use your app or provide any feedbacks on it. We will only provide the promotion service. We do not guarantee that your app will rank or earn more revenue - we only guarantee that we will provide the service you bought and we will send you installs and reviews.


Our service provides only mixed 5-star and reviews. If you wish for 4-star and 5-star mixed ratings, then please contact us beforehand. We do not do less then 4-star ratings.


Our service will provide you with positive reviews. Reviews will be made mostly in English and some will be made in other language, but all will be positive ones. Our reviews will be generic ("Nice app!", "Great looking game, can you update more?", "Nice game to pass time!" etc.) - if you wish to provide your own reviews, you can order the Custom Review package instead.


The installs will highly depend on your app and how we see fit to stay safe for your app. We send around 100 - 500 / installs per day, depending on the package and on some apps. If you wish for us to send more installs in a day, then please contact us before making the order.

Refunds Regarding Installs

Installs are non-refundable due to the nature of this service. You are required to keep track of installs and we will also send you a report on how many installs we sent per day which you can keep track. It's best to not run any other advertisements, promotions or such when you order our service so there won't be any interruptions. Refunds are only made for reviews/ratings or if we fail to deliver anything in a 30-day period (only applied to the packages - as some other orders may take more time).

You can read more about our refund policy below.

Refund Policy

Please check the refund policy here.

Please be sure to follow all our rules and TOS. We are not responsible for any apps that are not following the TOS of the store. We will guarantee that we will provide you the best of our services and that is why we do take time with our orders and how we send installs. We would need to run an analyze about your app to see if we think it's safe to send a certain amount of installs per day, reviews and such. If we see that your app is risky, then we have every right to decline your order and therefore we will contact you with more information in that case.

By purchasing and using our service you agree to all terms and refund policy rules.