Refund Policy & Rules

Refund Policy & Rules For PromoteMy.App


The following rules hold all potential situations for average customer. So every user of PromoteMy.App website should accept them when he is on the website:

1. Customers are provided with any payment methods of their choice, including Payoneer, Skrill (only on request) and with credit and debit cards, etc on our website. All payments are processed safely by Stripe's payment processor.

2. After customer make payment, it will automatically confirm his right for usage and PromoteMy.App will start working on your order.

3. Customers are responsible for payments.

4. If we believe that exact transaction breaks rights and responsibilities of this Agreement we may cancel it.

5. If we see that your app is dangerous to promote or anything illegal, then we will refuse to promote it. We do not promote anything that is against TOS of the store.

6. We do not advertise and this service is to be used only to get installs and reviews to help your app in getting a better rating and more installs. Please do not use our service to earn revenue from ads and fraudulent clicks and we do not click on ads.

7. Before placing an order, please know that we only do this service for android (play store only)

8. Please do not run any other advertisements or promotion when you use our service so we can track our progress without any interruptions.

9. Please be sure to put the right right LINK and EMAIL when you make a purchase and double check it. We are not responsible for placing a wrong URL once we begin the service.

10. Please don't change your app's icon or name while running an order or submit any updates.

11. Please know what you are buying. The only purpose of our service is the increase app rank in Google Play (we have high retention, some usage) but we don't advertise as all our installs are incentives. Our promotions will get you the exact amount of installs and reviews you need.

We have every right to decline an order if we see that this won't work out for your app. If that is the case, then we will refund you back if for some reason we don't complete your order.

Refund Policy

Refunds are made only if reviews will get deleted or removed from the store, or otherwise if we fail to start your order and deliver ANYTHING in the 30-day period.

1. If for some reason we cannot process your order, then we will contact you about it and refund you for your order.

2. If we fail to start anything for your order in 30-day period then we will refund you.

3. If the reviews that you purchase drop (gets deleted etc.) after we delivered, or within a week period then we will replace them or issue you a refund. If ever your reviews do drop, then please contact us so we can arrange it.

4. Please note that if we issue you a refund, then we will drop all the services that you ordered from us for that order.

5. Refunds are made only if all reviews will get deleted or removed from the store after we will replace them.

6. Installs are non-refundable due to the nature of this service. You are required to keep track of installs and we will also send you a report on how many installs we sent per day which you can keep track. It's best to not run any other advertisements, promotions or such when you order our service so there won't be any interruptions.

7. Please note that some orders take time, we will check on whats the best safe sending limit to send installs and reviews to your app and go with that, that means some app will receive 100 - 400 daily installs, while others can receive 50 - 90 installs daily only. We will keep sending you installs until we hit your purchased limit that you bought.

Please be sure to follow all our rules and TOS. We are not responsible for any apps that are not following the TOS of the store. We will guarantee that we will provide you the best of our services and that is why we do take time with our orders and how we send installs. We would need to run an analyze about your app to see if we think it's safe to send a certain amount of installs per day, reviews and such. If we see that your app is risky, then we have every right to decline your order and therefore we will contact you with more information in that case.

If you have any questions please contact us using the contact form or click on the support icon on the bottom-left to get live support.